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What is Farmboy's Mission?

Our primary mission is to improve the soil and the environment in Arizona by supporting local, sustainable, family-based agriculture. We have started this mission by choosing farmers and ranchers who care about sustainability, and preserving our farmlands for generations to come. All of our producers grow and care for their products in the most natural way possible, encouraging the plants and animals to thrive the way they were intended to. We believe restaurants are responsible for supporting an agricultural system that values these best practices. We don't think that having a farm to table philosophy should be unique, or used as a marketing strategy. We just believe this is the way things should always be. Through these high standards, Farmboy is helping you and your family connect to an ethical and sustainable food system. We can all be proud of the impact you're helping us make in the local food system.

How is Farmboy Unique from other sandwich shops?

At Farmboy, we use a low and slow approach to preparing our foods, which takes place daily to produce fresh, delicious sandwiches, soups, and salads.  Because of this cooking approach, we are able to use all cuts of meat. Our smoking process makes even the toughest cuts tender and flavorful, so we are able to purchase the entire animal directly from the farmer or rancher with a “nose to tail” business model. This lets farmers focus on farming instead of worrying about how they will sell their products. Sadly, the restaurant industry in the U.S. only uses a small portion of the animal, sometimes leaving the farmers and producers with a lot of waste.  At Farmboy, we intend to play our part by making all the products coming off of the farm delicious and available to you!

What's the big deal about wood smoking meats? Is it different from roasting them?

YES! It is very different! We use locally harvested woods like Arizona Oak to infuse a light smoky taste into our meats. Roasting involves higher temperatures, which can dry out and remove the flavors of the meat, and of course does not include that savory smoky taste we know and love. Because of our low temperature, slow cooking approach to preparing meats with our wood smoker, we can create delicious meals from normally undesirable, tough cuts of meat. By improving their flavor and texture in this process, we can ensure a great, consistent product for you to enjoy every time!

Is wood smoking bad for the environment? What about deforestation?

Thank you for being conscientious of the growing problem of deforestation. Here's how Farmboy is doing its part in Arizona! We have consciously decided to cook with wood as our primary fuel source because it is renewable. We buy our woods for the smoker locally, and we know our harvesters. Our Firewood company, Berry Bros Firewood, only harvests approved trees authorized for harvest by the forest service, which is necessary to clear out and prevent dense, fire prone overgrowth in Arizona forests. Because they now have a place to sell their woods, they can continue to fund the process of caring for this excess growth, thereby helping to prevent future forest fires. Another benefit to removing overgrowth and dying trees, is that it allows for herbivores such as deer, elk, and birds to improve the soil’s microbial activity in the forests as they forage.  One of the worst things you can do for our local forests, is buy firewood that you don't know the origin of.  This could contribute to illegal and negligent deforestation practices, especially internationally, and bring foreign pests into our ecosystem. Please buy your firewood from local and reputable businesses like Berry Bros!!

How is Farmboy's Bread Unique?

Our unique long fermentation sourdough process was formulated by Tucson baker Don Guerra. Don has worked closely with us in formulating this recipe, which contains sustainably grown, organic whole and heritage grains; many of which are grown and milled in Arizona. We bring you this artisan roll (similar in texture to a ciabatta roll) which highlights Sonoran Wheat, a desert southwest native variety of wheat that has only recently begun its comeback; a perfect companion to our smoked meat sandwiches, and also as a tasty breakfast option (great when paired with butter pecan goat cheese spread)! You have got to try this true and honest bread. *Also known for being more tolerable for people with gluten sensitivity, but not gluten free.

What is Heirloom/Open Pollinated Produce?

An Heirloom Vegetable/Fruit (Also known as a Heritage Vegetable/Fruit) is an older variety of seed, that produces fruits and vegetables that vary in size, color and taste, which has become somewhat lost in current agricultural practices. Contrary to recent industrialized agriculture, heirlooms are open pollinated, which means they are pollinated by natural means like wind, bees, and brushing against one another, and can regrow new plants with the same traits from their seeds. Heirlooms have been cultivated over many generations, and are often chosen for their hardiness and acclimation to their natural geographical environments.  Many heirloom varieties were phased out of mass production, as they have odd shapes and don’t fit in packaging very well, which didn’t work out well for shipping them internationally.  As often as possible, we choose these varieties of produce grown locally by Arizona farmers. Try out some tasty and nutritious local heirlooms by shopping for your produce at local farmer's markets, and in Farmboy's market section!

What does local mean at Farmboy?

Great question! As often as possible, we choose products grown and made in Arizona, by farmers we know and trust to take great care in producing safe, tasty, and nutritious foods while also consciously caring for the soil they are grown in. In some cases, certain foods and ingredients cannot be found in Arizona's climate, (such as Coffee beans) so we choose local family owned producers, who take the best care in preparing these foods for the consumer, and have been Farmboy approved; by hosting visits for us to their farm/ranch/production site. Check out all of our amazing farm tours on Facebook

What will I find in Farmboy's Market?

We have daily availability on Farm Fresh pasture raised Eggs, Local Produce, and other retail and merchandise items in our Market Section. Much of our produce is seasonal and has varying availability. Call us to find out what's in season, or Check our Facebook page daily for available items in the Market! 

Who produces Farmboy's Foods, Beverages and Ingredients?

As often as possible, we choose local family run Arizona farmers, ranchers, and producers who handle every part of their process, to help support local agriculture. You can find a list of all of our producers and collaborators here.

Where can I find information on Allergens at Farmboy?

Here's a link to our full allergen guide so you can make choices based on your dietary needs. We also have an allergen guide handy on site, should you prefer to speak with a manager about your food allergies.

We often use whole, natural foods in our food preparations, which means they have less of a chance of coming into contact with allergens, compared to production of commercially produced goods that go through processing in large factories. Our long fermentation, sourdough bread is lower in severity for gluten sensitive diners, but is not gluten free.  Check out the gluten free section of our allergen guide to make safe choices pertaining to gluten intolerance.  Farmboy does not use separate utensils or equipment for gluten free products.

Are there other Farmboys?

Not yet! The location at 1075 West Queen Creek Road in Chandler Arizona, is currently the one, and only Farmboy Market, Meats, Sandwiches. You can help us decide if we should open more in other areas of the Valley! Reach out to us on Facebook or by contacting us via email at to make suggestions on how we should grow!

What are Farmboy's Inspirations?

Here is a list of inspiring people, books, films, and info that has guided Farmboy down the path of good food.

If you're a fellow foodie, reach out to us at; if you see we have missed any info that has had an impact on you!

How can you make an impact on the food system?

Making a difference is simple and easy to do. Shop locally! First at farmers markets as often as possible, then shop being mindful of where your foods come from. Plant your own foods in a home garden. Learn how to cook tougher/lesser cuts of meats like round cuts, pork shoulder, whole chickens etc. Find a local firewood source for your wood use. Educate yourself on the many paradoxes in agriculture and soil conservation that we face, by checking out our information link here. You can also find literature we love, when you visit by using our lending library in the restaurant. And finally, you can make a difference through us by eating and shopping at Farmboy!

Who is Farmboy?

Farmboy Restaurant was started by Oren & Diana Molovinsky in 2018.

You can find more detailed information about Farmboy, who we are, and how we were founded on our About page.